Aimee Betts


A-Z Supper Cloth with Stitch-School at the Barbican

As part of Barbican Open Fest Make! Season of Contemporary Craft, Stitch–School's embroidery experts Aimee Betts and Melanie Bowles invite passers-by to drop in and collaborate stitching a huge piece of printed fabric. Under their guidance, participants work together to create something unique.

'The Supper Cloth aims to bring people together offering a chance to get away from mobile devices and embrace the resurgence of hand embroidery. The digital printed linen stretched on the table provides a base to practice and focus stitching as well as encouraging conversation through communal making and slow stitching as an antidote to modern life'

The A-Z Supper Cloth will installed in the lower ground floor of the Barbican Shop from 17th - 25th March 2018.